Terms and Conditons




1. Scope of Site

  • The use of the services of wwwis subject to the conditions given below. This is a UK company with UK laws. The UK courts alone have jurisdiction in all litigation arising in connection with the utilisation
  • The present General Terms and Conditions for use of the Services o
  • Pearl Photo reserves the right to amend the present Terms and Conditions without notice and to post their contents on its pages.
2 Use of the services

  • The user must reply completely and accurately to the form that has to be completed when registering for the services.
  • The user shall ensure that his images respect valid laws; specifically the provisions of criminal law concerning pornography, violence and paedophilia, Pearl Photo will report any violation of criminal law.
3. Data Confidentiality.

  • Pearl Photo undertakes not to communicate personal customer data outside the company.
  •  The Personal customer data is used to send photos and goods, to contact them about there orders and to inform them about Pearl Photo�s offers.
4. Intellectual property.

  • The entire contents of the www.pearl-photo.co.uk.com and .co.uk website and of the Photo Service program (text, graphics, and computer) are the property of Pearl Chemist. Any reproduction of the contents, in whole or in part, regardless of the procedure or the medium used, shall require the express prior written authorisation of Pearl Photo
  • Image archives transferred for processing to main the property of the user.
  • The user is deemed the “owner of rights” and thus bears sole responsibility for obtaining intellectual property rights relating to his/her images. Pearl Photo shall incur no responsibility whatsoever for abuse of printed images on the part of the user. Consequently, the user may only order photos from Pearl Photo and uses those images if he has the necessary rights of use.
5. Responsibilities

  • Pearl Photo guarantees to do its utmost to ensure availability of the services of .Temporary interruptions of the services are, however, possible due to technical or other reasons. Pearl Photo will make every effort to inform its customers as efficiently as possible about the nature and duration of any interruptions, but shall incur no liability whatsoever in the event that its services are unavailable. Similarly, Pearl Photo cannot guarantee the reliability and quality of the Internet outside its own premises.
  • Pearl Photo has a high capacity for storage (personal data, images, etc.). This should make it possible to restore stored data, even in the event of a serious fault. However,shall incur no liability whatsoever in the event of data loss. The user shall keep a safe copy of the transferred files on his/her side. The images files are deleted fro database at the latest 60 days after the processing of the order.
  • In the event of loss or damage to data storage medium or slides, the liability of Pearl Photo shall be limited to the replacement of the medium by new material of equivalent quality.
  • Reserves the right not to process images whose contents are contrary to good moral. In this context, Pearl Photo is entitled not process images, even if they respect valid law.