Pretty pictures don’t work



seo marketing

Pretty pictures don’t work. Not alone they don’t. Not without an informed and collaborative effort from creative, technology, client services, and media. Resolute doesn’t just make pretty pictures (although we have won some awards for doing just that) we make highly-functioning, SEO and SEM-friendly digital properties that have long lifelines, that fit within larger, more powerful interactive strategies. We are experienced with social networking platforms (and have built several from scratch – to date) we know widgets, we understand all the ups and downs of working with almost any content management system. We do web 2.0, 3.0 and whatever comes out next. We are constantly researching new and emerging technologies to impart those learnings to our clients. We enjoy what we do and are proud of the solutions we provide. see our work 

Search Engine Optimization — SEO — is the cornerstone of any long-term interactive marketing strategy. Without it our clients would struggle to generate a cost-efficient, or profitable search strategy. Natural Search represents a significant multiplier for our clients traffic-driving initiatives. Search Engine Optimization also integrates into a client’s paid search strategy through improved quality scores generated by the largest search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Resolute’s approach to SEO combines on-site optimizations with link building (both premium and traditional) and reporting. We are able to map back our clients investments in SEO to increased website traffic and ultimately to a return on investment based on key performance indicators which are mutually developed, approved, and optimized against through close communication with our clients.