Google Analytics


Website analytics


Google Analytics has rapidly emerged as the standard for analytics software due to a powerful combination of growing sophistication, user-friendliness, and free cost.

Website analytics measures the ebb and flow of website traffic through your interactive property and is perhaps the most overlooked service that interactive marketers desperately need to ensure success.

The data that comes from website analytics affords Resolute’s clients the ability to make informed business decisions about their products, services, and direct marketing efforts. Resolute offers a professional consulting practice using Google Analytics and its staff now includes five Google Analytics Certified professionals.

We can install, configure, customize reporting, and train specifically for each client’s needs. Resolutely is able to work with our clients to tag “events” such as “did a user mouse over the signup form?” or “which landing page converts more users” that trigger a custom reporting dashboard where executives can see any and all of their web property’s behaviour.

Resolute’s commitment to transparency is enforced by making the data and investments of our clients visible at all times. We succeed when our clients succeed. Resolute wants to open the curtain on all of our digital marketing efforts on our clients’ behalf. Website analytics is one way of measuring our combined success.

Resolute analytics consultants will teach you how to turn website statistics – unique users, the time spent on your site, pages visited, refering website, and internal navigation – into business decisions.

Website analytics offers our clients the ability to test landing pages, optimize campaigns, test offers, and generally learn and understand from the actions taken on their website.

Resolute recommends every client initiate an analytics package to determine the success of their interactive marketing campaigns and to make informed decisions about their online initiatives.

Resolute works with its ecommerce clients assure that detailed reporting is available on every transaction. It develops multivariate testing using Website Optimizer to create landing pages that convert.